The State of Fruit

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God is Love.
God is in me.
I have love.
I give love.
When I am loving,
I am giving to God;
I am giving God.
This is goodness.

Love is patient. Love is kind.
God is in me.
God is Love.
I have patience and kindness inside me.
When patience and kindness come from me, I am giving to God;
I am giving God.

God is Love.
God is in me.
Love is peaceful.
It is not easily angered and it forgives.
Love is not selfish,
envious, proud, or boastful.
It does not delight in evil.
Love is in me and it gives me self-control.
I do not control others, only myself.
Love is gentle.
When I desire to control others, when I am not peaceful,
when I am easily angered or unforgiving,
when I am selfish, when I want what another has,
when I am proud or boastful,
I am not giving to God;
I am not giving God.
Only when I am gentle and peaceful am I free to give of the God who is within me.

When I protect others,
When I hope,
When I trust Love,
When I do not stop loving,
I am giving to God;
I am giving God who is within me,
the God who protects me,
hopes for me,
never stops loving me,
and who believes in His power within me.
This is faithfulness.

Love always trusts.
To trust is to believe.
God is in me.
I believe in God in me.
God believes in God in me
Because Love trusts and God is Love.

Love loves truth.
This is truth:
God is Love.
Love never fails.
This is joy:
Love never fails.

Against such thing, there is no law.

Galatians 5: 22,23 and Corinthians 13:4-7