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Beth Loveland is a mother and teacher, but when she’s not teaching or doing some mothering, she makes art or music and is known to jump out of her car to take pictures along the roadside. She enjoy lots of cliché things like coffee and long walks on the beach as well as some other stuff like pimento cheese and short walks on the beach. Born and raised in Pontotoc, Mississippi, Beth felt the need to invent a social class for herself and decided to name it: The Cultured Poor. She has a BA in theater, an MA in Education, and a doctorate in BS.  Beth currently resides in the foothills of northeast Georgia with her husband, two children, two dogs, three fish, one hermit crab, some plants, and a rabid colony of dust bunnies. If you would like to curse her for reckless driving, you should keep it to yourself, but all other inquiries may be entertained at

Expect more content on this blog (especially in the art and photography sections) as Beth finally gets her act together for Hank’s sake!